Project Scorpio Specs Revealed, Capable Of Native 4K/60 FPS

Project Scorpio contains 50% more memory than PS4.

Xbox Scorpio Specs Revealed! The Strongest Console Ever Made!

Digital Foundry went out to an event hosted by Microsoft to see the Scorpio in action. During the event it was revealed that Scorpio is heavily optimized and is designed to do 4K at high frame rates.

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Forza 6 4K image:

PROJECT SCORPIO EN 4K 60FPS (Nouvelle Xbox) – Nymeko React

Des nouvelles infos pour la nouvelle console de Microsoft.
La console peut faire tourné des jeux en 4K et 60fps !

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[4K] Xbox One X/ Project Scorpio: Forza/Turn 10 Report + Analysis!

Watch this video to learn more about how the Forza Motorsport engine runs on Project Scorpio hardware, plus we’ve added some basic PC comparisons.

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